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5 Solo Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day Self-Care
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Shops have shed their holiday glitter and quickly transformed with pink aisles of chocolate, and heart-shaped candies abound — the season of love is here. This February, take some time to tune out and instead tune in, no matter your relationship status. Opt for some quality “you” time this Valentine’s Day (or really any day) with these five solo date ideas.


Has your dog gotten more use out of your bathtub than you? Line of fancy lotions and body potions serving simply to adorn the sides of your shower? Stop saving your special scrubs and expensive candles while waiting for the perfect moment — put them all to good use with an at-home solo spa session. Lay out a fluffy bathrobe and slippers, pour a glass of cucumber water (or hey, wine will do!), light up the candle, and tune into some smooth jazz or a lo-fi playlist to set the mood.

Fill the bathtub with warm water, sprinkle in a cup of epsom salt or a fizzy bath bomb, and add a few drops of lavender or eucalyptus essential oils to soak your cares away. Don a soothing mud face mask and a deep conditioner to your hair while you unwind. After you’ve dried off and slipped into a fluffy robe, pop a Uleva Relax Hemp capsule  to sink further into your spa de-stressing session. These capsules blend cannabinoids with ashwagandha , an herb used for centuries to help relieve stress and maintain a balanced mood. Aaaaand exhale.


Cooking for one can be just as fun. With no other preferences, allergies, or picky eaters to consider, you’re at liberty to focus on your own tastes. Whether you choose to try out a new recipe or go with an old favorite comfort meal, immersing yourself into the preparation process and sitting down to your own home-cooked meal can produce a sense of an accomplishment all on its own. Light a candle, open a good book, or simply savor the flavors in silence at the kitchen table. Go crazy and set the table with the fine china and Grandma’s silver cutlery.

Not a chef? Not a problem. Meal prep kits are growing in popularity, and are designed for cooks from novice to nightly pro, with a plethora of new recipes and easy-to-follow instructions — plus they contain every ingredient you need for the dish, all delivered right to your door. Though each recipe makes enough for two, it’s really an added bonus. Save the other half for lunch or dinner the next day.


What we may call a simple walk in the park has actually been a healing practice in Japan for hundreds of years. Shinrin yoku, or “forest bathing”, has been said to help lower stress levels, elevate mood, and clear the mind — all bonuses if it is some quality solo self-care you seek. Find a nearby beach, park, or hiking trail (or day trip somewhere new!) and set out for a soothing soak in nature. Keep it sans-ear buds to truly let the sounds of nature or sweet silence permeate. Make a day out of it by packing a picnic to enjoy at the halfway point.

If you find yourself craving some company, bring along your furry friend (or borrow a neighbor’s pooch). Some shelters have programs where you can “adopt” a dog for the day, taking him out for a little adventure and some fresh air. That’s one sure-fire way to set a smile on your face, and a sweet critter’s, as well.


Solo date idea number four: Go out on the town. Yes you, by yourself. Dress up and head to happy hour or dinner on a date for one. Pick your favorite local haunt or better yet, try out a new place. If sitting at a table alone is too much, bring a book as your plus one or pull up a seat at the bar. Bar bonus — you get faster drink service and can chat up the bartender for tips on what’s best to order, or how to recreate the specialty cocktail you’re sipping. If it still seems scary to you, go to the theater and see a movie. Everyone is already in the dark, anyway.

The relationship you build with yourself is an important one, and being comfortable in your own company (even while out in public) is a skill that will serve you well for years to come. Who knows? “Me” dates out may just become a new favorite tradition.


Get messy and find an artistic or creative hobby to explore. Pick up paints and enjoy the feel of drawing the brush across canvas, try embroidery (the internet has fun kits and patterns available), tie dye clothing, color by number, or paint thrift store furniture to give it a new home. Get into the mood with a Hemp oil tincture. Uleva’s has 50mg of cannabinoids per serving to help keep you balanced while you relax and begin.

You don’t have to be an “artist” to use your hands in the making of something. The internet, art supply stores, and even those little videos everybody loves are chock-full of ideas and how-tos to get you started. Getting off screens and into your body can help ease tension, increase focus , and boost your creativity — whether you think of yourself as a “creative person” or not. Color outside the lines and see what happens.

No matter what you decide to do when you’re just doin’ you, flick your phone to Do Not Disturb mode, tuck it away, and commit to a social media-free day to truly sink into your solo bliss. Happy self-care day!

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