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Try These 7 Tips to Becoming a Morning Person
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Try These 7 Tips to Become a Morning Person

March is designated as National Sleep Awareness Month, which prompts us all to take this opportunity to examine our own sleep hygiene and habits and perhaps make a few changes for optimum wellness. Sleep has been known to be massively important to our health, so it is vital we examine and adjust our routines every now and then to support our minds and bodies.

March also presents daylight savings time for many parts of the country: spring forward on March 13, 2022. Early bird gets the worm, or so the saying goes. But let’s be honest, not all of us are naturally early risers and morning people. So for the snooze button smackers, the blackout shade drawers, the night owls, and the groggy, it is possible to wake up refreshed in the morning, no matter what time you need to set your alarm. 

Here’s how to adjust your body to an earlier wake up time — or simply prepare for daylight savings time. Get ready to spring forward.


Becoming a morning person doesn’t just happen overnight (pun intended). Instead, start small and build upon each day. Working backward about two weeks from your time adjustment — whether that’s a vacation to a different time zone, daylight savings time, athletic event, or just a new goal — set your alarm five to ten minutes earlier each day. Setting your alarm earlier and earlier in small increments daily helps ease you into a new schedule rather than shocking your body. Say goodbye to jetlag and hello to spring forward.


In order to wake up earlier and still get the proper amount of sleep you need to be functioning and alert, you will need to go to bed earlier. Bedtime and wakeup time work hand in hand so you can rise feeling more rested. If you’re practicing earlier wake-up times in smaller increments, do the same with the time you get into bed at night. But instead of just trying to go to sleep five minutes earlier, shoot for a slightly longer adjustment, more like 20 – 30 minutes as it can sometimes take longer to fall asleep when your schedule changes. 

Wind down in bed with a book or audio book, sleep meditation, or breathing practice to teach your body to relax. But remember, no screens in the sleep zone! This includes TVs and laptops, iPads and phones. If you sometimes have difficulties while chasing shut-eye, reach for a supplement like Uleva Sleep Hemp capsules. The combination of premium-quality cannabinoids from hemp, known to encourage homeostasis, and 3mg of melatonin, the hormone responsible for regulating the body’s circadian rhythm, work in harmony to help transport you to dreamland. Be sure to take one about 20 to 30 minutes before bedtime, as melatonin may produce drowsiness.


This simple trick is sure to have you shooting out of bed. Instead of sleeping with your phone tucked in beside you or a nightstand alarm clock, set your device across the room. Then when your alarm goes off in the morning, you have no choice but to get out of bed and walk over to turn it off. While this practice can seem annoying at first, it may be the tomfoolery you need to break your snooze button habit. 

Speaking of snooze, most phones have an alarm setting that allows you to turn off the option to snooze all together. Tap that toggle so you don’t even have the option to push your sleep time later.


This technique takes “rising with the sun” to a new level. Sleep with your blinds open in order to allow in the gradual natural light to wake you up, well, more naturally. Sunlight also helps to adjust your circadian rhythm, which can make waking up early easier.

If you’re in need of more privacy by night, opt for sheer curtains. These still let in the light while blurring the view of the inside of your room from your nosey neighbors. 


If you’re struggling with early wake up times and feel tired during the day, the quality of your sleep may be the culprit. Set the tone for better zzz’s by creating a sanctuary in your bedroom, making it the most comfortable and sleep-inducing place possible. Swap out harsh light bulbs for softer, yellow-toned ones for a more soothing atmosphere. 

Invest in cozy sheets, a soft duvet, and a quality mattress. You don’t have to break the bank here, but don’t skimp on it either. Since we spend about a third of our lives sleeping (not to mention how sleep greatly impacts our quality of life!) creating a comfortable sleep setting is a worthy investment. Thankfully these days comfortable, affordable, and eco-friendly mattresses are available from several brands online. Forget about borrowing a truck for transport — many arrive in a box, shipped right to your doorstep. Carefully unbox your mattress, allow it to settle and fluff itself up, then make your bed. Done and done. 


Create — and stick to — a bedtime routine to clue your body it’s time for some shuteye. Start by shutting screens down (computers, laptops, phones, and TVs) at least 30 minutes before bedtime. The blue light these devices emit are known to disrupt our body’s natural sleep cycle and can keep us awake. The “Focus” feature on most phones allows you to pre-set a “Sleep” mode, letting you choose what time your phone silences alerts, who’s calls and text alerts are allowed through, and can even dim your screen to a nighttime mode, which softens the blue light and is easier on your eyes.

If you need a bit more help settling in for the evening, Uleva Relax Hemp capsules combine high-quality cannabinoids and Ashwagandha, an herb used for thousands of years to help relieve stress and keep a balanced mood. This dynamic duo can help you calm down after a stressful day. For more zzz-support, Uleva Extra Strength Sleep Hemp capsules combine the effects of time-released melatonin with the calming properties of hemp to help give you the long, deep, restful sleep of your dreams.


Just as a bedtime routine is of utmost importance, so is a morning ritual. The quiet hours of the morning before the day’s hustle are sacred. Use them wisely to prepare and energize you for what is to come. Pour your cup of coffee and write a few pages (or even just a few lines) in a journal, take the dog for a quiet walk around the block, pump yourself up and head to the gym, and review your calendar before the chaos sets in. Establishing a morning ritual can give you some you time you can look forward to, propelling you out of bed when the alarm starts buzzing. 

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